Luposan Joint Power Original - 1200g

Luposan Joint Power Original - 1200g
spinal discs and synovia to regenerate and become stable. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the joints and present the development and onset of arthritis Luposan Joint Power Original is a 100% pure active complex developed for the targeted development and strengthening of connective tissue. Luposan Joint Power Original at a glance High mussel extract content to protect and strengthen tendons ligaments cartilage and spinal discs (20%) Grape seed extract and vitamin C from the acerola cherry for a perfect joint and chondrocyte protection Gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from evening primrose and wild salmon to aid in inflammatory joint problems In powder form Causes for the use of Luposan Joint Power Original With old age joints may come under uneven pressure which can lead to inflammation excessive one-sided stress and wear of the cartilage. Following injury Broken bones (located next to joints) may put pressure on joints due to pain or mechanical restriction from bars plates or bands or it could be that the cartilage has also been damaged. Large breed puppies can suffer problems as a result of rapid growth and an unbalanced diet can lead to problems with cartilage. Even as puppies signs of pain and limited movement can develop. Breed specific Certain breeds are prone to limb issues with uneven pressure on joints. Targeted dietary supplements may prevent such problems. Luposan Joint Power can also be administered for the optimal development of ear cartilage for puppies with pricked ears. Luposan Joint Power optimally supports pregnant bitches in the third and final trimester with the formation of connective tissue in fetuses and supplies the mother with essential vital substances. Sporty and working dogs also put more stress on their joints than normal cartilage without a dietary supplement could possible handle. Luposan Joint Power Original supports exercise vitality and motivation. Optimale diet + exercise = healthy joints. If you have problems with the administering of this powder you could try Luposan Joint Power Pellets with 30% mussel extract or Luposan Joint Power Tablets: Rokinon's elite line of high-end telescopes Includes Starry Night CD-ROM software Optical design: Achromatic refractor Diameter: 90 mm  
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